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Four Health Sciences Students Featured on Popular TV Show

UIC is proud to announce that an episode of the popular television show “The College Tour” is highlighting the student experience here at at UIC. Airing on Amazon Prime in October, the episode spotlights 11 students who share how UIC helped them fit in and find their passion through activities inside and outside of the classroom.

Four of those UIC students come from the health sciences programs, and they spoke candidly and powerfully about why they chose UIC for their education as health professionals. The students are highlighted below with links to view their segment of the episode. The full episode is also viewable below.

Prarthana Prasanth, Pre-Medicine Heading link

Prarthana in the courtyard of the University of Illinois College of Medicine

“I knew I wanted a college that would help me explore different academics, research opportunities and my artistic interests. Because I found a program that has already guaranteed me a seat in the medical school, I can explore it all. Here at UIC, I’m combining Math and Computer Science with my Pre-Med studies. With medicine and technology growing more intertwined, having a computer science background will help me provide better and more innovative care for future patients.”

“UIC’s emphasis on experiential learning encouraged me to get involved in research even as a first-year undergraduate.In fact, I’m part of a team studying how nutrients can impact the response of specific chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells. Conducting benchwork and working with other driven students and faculty researchers has taught me focus, patience, and persistence, with the underlying drive for discovery. UIC does a great job supporting student research.”

Nikola Gigovski, Nursing Heading link

Nikola standing in UIC's Arthington Mall

“I always knew I wanted to be in medicine, but at UIC, with all of the clinical and volunteering opportunities, I was able to find my true calling in nursing. UIC offers a clinical experience unlike any other college. Being in the heart of a major metropolitan area, our program provides clinical opportunities all across the city to create some of the best learning environments for students.”

“Even before Nursing school started, I was able to volunteer at UIC’s very own hospital, UI Health, to gain early clinical exposure. From underserved communities to some of the most reputable hospitals in the Midwest, these experiences have given me the skills to become one of the most adaptable nurses around.”

Mummypraise and Madonna Ovoh, Integrated Health Studies and Public Health Heading link

Mummypriase and Madonna in front of UI Student Center East

“I’m studying Integrated Health Studies with a minor in Kinesiology. And I’m in the School of Public Health. It wasn’t until my high school Anatomy class that I knew that I was made for medicine. Throughout my college search, I found that UIC was the best place to help me reach my dream. And I wanted a career dedicated to giving back and improving communities, and that’s what UIC is all about.”

“UIC has so many resources to ensure that I am on the right track to success in my future. From internship and research opportunities, to tutoring, UIC offers all the support you need to succeed. I personally found a home in the Math & Science Learning Center, a place here on campus where STEM students like myself can go to interact with Teaching Assistants, Peer Leaders, and other students in similar courses. Spaces and resources like these allow me to feel more confident in my math and science skills. UIC’s curriculum is definitely one that will allow you to go beyond your thresholds of learning.”

Jonathan Banks, Dentistry Heading link

Jonathan in a clinical learning environment

“While shadowing at that dental clinic in high school, I learned about UIC’s guaranteed admissions programs and was encouraged to apply to dental school before I began my undergraduate studies. Once I was accepted to UIC and the Honors College offered a four-year, full-ride scholarship for underrepresented students like me, I knew that UIC was the right place.”

“From the first time I stepped on campus in the residence halls, I made lifelong friends, explored my interest in music and research, and just had fun. During my time as a Pre-Dental Biological Sciences major, I joined a community of brilliant students, researchers, academic advisors and mentors to develop my skills. Now, I’m a proud UIC graduate and I feel unstoppable. UIC is the perfect place for aspiring researchers and scientists.”

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