UI Health COVID-19 Response Meal Donations

Sustaining Our UI Health Professionals

During this time of crisis and response our healthcare professionals are often spending long hours providing care for patients in our hospital. As we receive requests for how to sustain our staff with the gift of meals, we have provided the form below to begin this process.

Our providers and staff are extremely grateful for the out pouring of support and of course the gift of food! Thank you for considering UI Health and our front-line staff combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that we are only able to accept meals that are individually packaged for distribution. Food items must be single servings, prepared, wrapped and packaged in a commercial kitchen. Given dietary restrictions, we appreciate any consideration for a variety that may include vegetarian/vegan options.

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    Note: these number selections are based upon shift coverage
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    Please also consider other delivery times outside normal business hours to ensure other shifts also benefit from your generosity.
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