Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

See below how you can contribute to the resource needs of our clinical enterprise

As we continue to anticipate the growing needs of our clinical operations, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs (OVCHA) is collecting efforts for all those that are looking to help as we assess our supplies and how to leverage the innovative spirit of campus. We greatly appreciate the numerous phone calls and emails we have received and would like to provide the information below on how you may help take action.

Much like what we see happening across the world, UIC faculty, staff and students are offering their time, energy and ideas to creatively account for issues related to testing, capacity and PPE supplies. This outreach and outpouring of support is incredibly valued and a testament to the resilience of our community. To best serve our patients and communities, it is important that these efforts be organized and then authorized by our leading infectious disease, public health and emergency preparedness experts.

Make a Gift Today - Support UI Health

As UIC’s academic health enterprise, UI Health continues to harness the diverse dimensions of our organization to address the growing needs of the COVI-19 pandemic. We have established two operational funds to aid the impact that this public health crisis has had on our students and front-line healthcare workers.

Please consider making a financial contribution in support of the immediate needs of our students experiencing unexpected hardship as a result of COVID-19 or to UI Health’s crisis response and healthcare delivery efforts.


Meal Donations for Healthcare Workers

Help to sustain our UI Health professionals by donating meals to our clinicians and staff.

During this time of crisis and response our healthcare professionals are often spending long hours providing care for patients in our hospital. As we receive requests for how to sustain our staff with the gift of meals, we have provided the form below to begin this process.

Our providers and staff are extremely grateful for the out pouring of support and of course the gift of food! Thank you for considering UI Health and our front-line staff combating the COVID-19 pandemic.


External PPE Donation Information

As you know, there has been an identified growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE) including respirator/procedure masks (i.e. N95 masks), face shields, disposable lab coats, protective gowns, and more. We have created an intake form to help us collect and mobilize these efforts from the community.


Home-sewn Face Mask Donations

Makers across the country have started to mobilize and create home-sewn masks to support the safety needs of health workers and patients. We are extremely grateful for the generosity of time and supplies to help keep everyone safe during this pandemic.

UI Health has created an instructional website that includes CDC recommended templates to use in the fabrication of the masks and a survey to provide your information as we coordinate delivery to our health system.


UIC PPE & Laboratory Supply Inventory Survey

In order to address any potential shortages, we are reaching out to our basic and clinical research colleagues across the University to conduct a supply inventory that can be mobilized to meet the healthcare delivery system’s growing needs. We are asking principal investigators, clinic or lab managers to complete this resource inventory survey as soon as possible.

Please note there are separate sections of this survey that include information about RNA extraction capabilities and PPE supplies (gloves, gowns, face masks/shields, N95 respirators, etc.). We ask that you complete this survey as best as you are able.


UIC Innovation, Creation & Misc. Supply Survey

Our health system is in need of goggles, face shields, disposable lab coats, protective gowns, respirator/procedure masks (i.e. N95 masks) and more.  To protect our providers and health care workers, these materials must meet certain standards and be approved by the Hospital’s Incident Command.

We are asking any that individuals who may have the skill/capacity to create or fabricate these items or indeed any innovative ideas to address our needs for this public health crisis, please complete this survey of information. Additionally, if you believe that you may have access to equipment or resources that may be of use in this effort, please also complete the survey.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs will categorize, assess and prioritize this information in concert with our University and Hospital Incident Command Teams. A member of OVCHA will then reach out to the primary contact indicated on the form with additional follow-up and instructions.

Some of these resources and ideas may be mobilized immediately, while others will help to serve the anticipated needs in the coming weeks. Any financial implications can be addressed at that time or a later date; particularly, if supplies were purchased with restricted funding.

Please e-mail with any additional questions.